Kipper Market offers our clients weekly promotional offers where you can buy all kinds of products with our usual low prices.
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Many Products to Choose From

Kipper is the market where you can find  the freshest and 100% natural products with the lowest prices

Meat Products

In Kipper Market you will find all meat products that are needed for daily consumption. Meat is controlled, from the highest quality producers and certified as per international standards. We offer you fresh and healthy products at affordable prices.


Now you can choose from the freshest fruits and vegetables, all available at a Kipper near you. We offer healthy and natural choices, with no chemicals or additives, only your favorite natural selections.

Hygenic Products

At Kipper Market, you will find all your favorite hygenic products, local and international brands, all at low prices.

Dairy Products

At Kipper, you can also find dairy products with selections from different cheese brands up until the freshest milk around. We provide only dairy products from local suppliers.


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Our reputation is first and foremost at Kipper Market and we are known for the quality products that we possess but we are more than that. Come and visit our stores and see for yourself. Our stores can be found in the locations that you see above. For information and contact details for each market in particular press the buton:

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